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Tiens weight reducing belt

Tiens weight reducing belt is controlled by micro-computer, it integrates the wise control, vibrating massage heating and magnetic treatment together.
Using powerful vibrating massage ball inside, it can vibrate and massage on waist, neck, leg and arms, so it can speed up the recycle of blood, relax the fatigue.
It can heat the fat, and let the fat burned and enhance the metabolism.
There are several health magnets inside our waist belt so the powerful magnetic field, which is produced by the magnet, which can adjust the balance of the body, improves the micro cycle, so your skin will become more bright and beautiful and your body will become stronger and slim.

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Take Your Morning Power Drink

Take Your Morning Power Drink

May 16th, 2011 by ALEX RUTAGINES Each morning, I do a number of habits that are very healthy for me.
I pray.
(To continue reading Bo’s inspiring article, click here.)
I do my Tai Chi.
I take a walk around my village, while shooing stray dogs with my 3-foot bamboo stick.
And then I have this simple thing that I do which has blessed my health in a profound way.
I take my Morning Power Drink.
And just to remove your fears: No, I’m not recommending a drug, a food supplement, or an MLM product.
This morning habit of mine is something that’s available in your local market for a few pesos.
All you have to do is get it from the palengke (market), cut it, squeeze it, put it in a glass, and drink it.
Every morning.
When I did this, it had a profound impact on my health.
After doing this simple morning habit for more than a year now, I feel my immune system is so much
And the great thing about it is that it’s so simple!
This morning habit was taught to me by my health mentor.
Let me tell you more about him.
I Thought I Was Healthy Enough
For 18 years now, I’ve been a semi-vegetarian.
I still eat fish. But for these past 18 years, I no longer eat chicken, pork, or
beef. So obviously, I felt quite proud about how I took care of my health.
Until I met my health mentor.
Let me tell you something shocking: My health mentor hasn’t been sick for the past 24 years. He’s the
healthiest man I know that’s walking on planet earth.
Like me, he’s an entrepreneur missionary. Together with his lovely wife, they go around the world sharing
God’s love.
But for decades now, he’s also been a serious student of health. He’d even fly to Korea and China to learn
from world-renowned masters.
When my health mentor and I started talking more frequently, he challenged my health habits.
Bo Sanchez


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Cordyceps supports overall good health, strengthens human resistance to disease, builds strength, endurance and stamina. A high-tech process is used in the culturing and separation of Cordyceps Mycelium for the preparation of this product.

Owed to its scarcity and high price, Cordyceps had always been reserved exclusively for the Emperors’ indulgence; and until recently, it has been virtually unknown in the Western world.


Supports the Immune System:

Strengthens the immune system

Reduces fatigue

Promotes vitality, and longevity

Protects the body against the damaging effects of radiation and tumour formation

Supports the Respiratory System:

Helps improve symptoms of asthma and bronchitis

Promotes healthy lung function

Supports Kidney Function:

Promotes healthy kidney function

Acts as a kidney tonic

Increases brain performance

Ensures normal function of body organs


The traditional and modern application of Cordyceps includes bronchial asthma, insomnia, anxiety, adrenal hypo function, hypertension, impotence and bacterial infection. Cordyceps has properties similar to ginseng, being used to strengthen and rebuild the body after exhaustion.

Compounds found in Cordyceps are classified as HDP “Host Defense Potentiators”. These compounds include:
hemicellulose, polysaccharides, polysaccharide-peptides, nucleosides, triterpeniods, complex starches and other metabolites. Combinations of these compounds are now believed to target the human immune system as well as aid in neuron transmission, metabolism, hormonal balance and nutrient and oxygen transport. They support the development of lymphoid stem cells and other important body defense responses.

Tests show that there are no traces of hormones or stimulants in these ingredients.

Main Ingredients: Cordyceps Fermented Mycelium Powder
Net Weight : 100 capsules x 0,5 grm

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ACCUMAGIC- Chinese acupuncture theraphy, electric and magnetic theraphy.

Invented according to the ancient Chinese acupuncture theraphy, electric and magnetic theraphy.
• Focused magnetic cluster will function through skin upon the acupoints when acupression on the acupoints are adopted.
• Promotes circulation of micrangium within focus and adjusts disturbance in bioelectric field as well as magnetic field by way of scanning and injecting ceratin electric pulse to prevent and help improve diseases and achieve effect
• Known as the “magical needle.”
• General Effectiveness reaches 98.4%
• Won the golden award at “96 Beijing International Invention” and at “The 1st session International Einstein New Invention, New Technology (products).
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