Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bone Health and Calcium Rich Foods

Learn about the proper ways to maintain bone health and hear some advice about the best foods containing calcium for proper bone formation.

It is common knowledge to everyone how bones in the body are renewed by calcium. The question that needs to be answered more is: from what foods do we get this calcium, and what other factors affect calcium intake? Suite101 interviewed Dr. Raoul Cañonero, Orthopedic Surgeon and member of the Fellow Philippine Orthopedic Association (FPPOA) and the Fellow Philippine College of Surgeons (FPCS), to get expert advice on bone health.
Regular Exercise for Bone Health

Cañonero stresses the importance of exercising as one of the ways to improve the health of peoples’ bones. He says that in the modern world, everyone needs to find opportunities for regular exercises. He advised daily exercise wherein the body is required to move and exert itself more than usual.

Cañonero explains, “The incidents of osteoporosis or getting fractures from such small accidents is becoming more common and is happening to younger and younger people. One factor is that people don’t move as much as before. There is less manual work now as everything is automated. People walk less and exert less so this leads to less bone formation.” He says that this is one of the causes of people getting fractures just by coughing or from a simple fall.


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