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Mga ka fanatics baka makatulong po ito sa atin o kamag anak natin na may karamdaman o sakit mahusay po itong tubig na ito small clustered po sa triple pi high oxygen water marami na pong pinagaling for more info pls

UltraMedix, Inc. was established January of 2006.

UltraMedix, Inc. was conceptualized and established January of 2006 and is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 14, 2006. UltraMedix is the marketing division of Ultra-Pi Global, Inc. Its Management Team is composed of experienced executives who have held numerous positions both in corporate and in network marketing companies. It aims to create programs to maximize business opportunities for network marketing people maximizing technology and improving the culture of the networking industry. It is committed to create a country of healthy people and launch the quest toward the next trillion dollar business, the Ultra-Pi Water business.

ACM Healthy Living, Inc. was incorporated June of 2001.

ACM Healthy Living, Inc., has been the exclusive and acclaimed distributor of Ultra Pi Water Systems and other world class natural products. It is the officially recognized and accredited sole distributor of the Pi Water Technology of ACM Co. Ltd., Japan, the one and only manufacturer of Pi-Water technology of Dr. Shoji Yamashita, . ACMHLI was incorporated in June of 2001 with Dra. Helen K. Lim as its founder and Mr. Aurelio B. Yopo as its President.

Ultra-Pi Global, Inc. the international Company founded by DRA. HELEN K. LIM

Ultra-Pi Global, Inc. is the registered company in Korea and also in the Philippines founded by DR. HELEN K. LIM since 2002 and has been the exclusive and sole patent owner of the upgraded technologies called Super-Pi, Ultra-Pi, Nano-Pi, and Oxygenated Pi Water technologies. The latest innovation is the Triple Pi Oxygenated Water Technology.

Facts about Pi-Water

•We lose about 2-3 liters of Living Water everyday? Our Body Consists of 70% water. It cannot survive without water.
•Not all treated water are the same. Our body needs “ Good “ water to clear the toxic waste from different parts of the body and takes it to the liver and kidneys for disposal.

Dr. Shoji Yamashita, the Pi water researcher-developer.

In Japan, Dr. Shoji Yamashita of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nagoya, doing research on the physiology of florigen, the plant hormone believed to be responsible in turning buds into flowers, discovered that when a small amount of ferrous ferric (Fe2Fe3) salt were sprayed on the bud, the living water inside became excited creating a dramatic increase on its energy state, thereby playing an important role in flower differentiation of buds. He referred to this excited state of water as “Pi”. Since then, 30 years of developmental studies, research and experiments have gone into Pi water to understand why and how it works, from agriculture, to industrial and to home use. ACM Co., Ltd of Japan spearheaded its development into its medicinal value, sponsoring research and clinical studies with various universities in Japan and in the USA.

I believe that we can create the new people for the century, people who will thrive amid crises, pollution, disease and poverty. People who will live fit and healthy, contented and prosperous.“

Dr. Helen K. Lim Achievements
Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Chiaotung University
Visiting Professor, Tai-san Medical University, China
Doctor of Environmental Management, Quanhun University, Korea
Professor of Naturopathy, Jang Shin Academy of Graduate Studies, Korea
30 years of Medical Practice
Owner-President, Eden Sanitarium Hospital, Korea (10 years of practice with more than 8,000 patients healed naturally; employed 15 professional doctors with hundreds of volunteer nurses and paramedics)

The Brain behind the upgraded technologies called Ultra Pi, Nano Pi, and Oxygenated Pi, all patented to her name. The latest technology is called Triple Pi Oxygenated Water.
Exclusive distributor of Pi Water Technology of ACM Co., Ltd., Japan, worldwide
Phil. Representative, World Environmental Organization
Founder, Ultra Pi Global, ACM Healthy Living, Inc., Ultra-Nano Water, Korea and ACM-HL Thailand

Mother Nature has been abused in the guise of industrialization, advanced technology and uncontrolled population growth. Its alarming effects include unprecedented poverty, the onslaught of various types of diseases never before experienced, dependence on drugs that oftentimes cause various side-effects on the body and confusing multi-media advertisements.
With our holistic approach using natural healing modalities and products developed by years of research and clinical studies by renowned and respected scientists, ULTRA MEDIX, Inc. aims to help people to understand the basic lessons from Mother Nature: that the body is equipped with its own natural healing capabilities to combat diseases and the mind to direct its ways to fight poverty and analyze multimedia advertisements.

It is in this spirit that I welcome you to the ULTRA MEDIX family. We want to impart you our years of knowledge and experiences in natural healing with our life-enhancing world-class products and our life changing career opportunities. It is my utmost desire to make you prosperous because I firmly believe in what a church leader once said,” If you were born poor, its not your fault, but if you die poor, it is your fault”.

Mr. Aurelion B. Yopo Achievements
Experienced international Network Leader for more than 15 years.
President and Founder-United Yopo Sterling Products
COO- ACM Healthy Living Inc.
A role model of real success from the remote area of Eastern Samar.
A self made millionaire who started as a young entrepreneur at the age of 16 with P 500 ( $ 10 ) on hand money as initial capital in direct selling. His expertise in business management and international marketing strategies coupled with dynamic leadership will propel the growth of ULTRA MEDIX, INC. to tap its TRILLION DOLLAR Global market.

Modern scientists keep discovering and inventing medicines to heal the sick and prolong life. As more medicines are invented, so are sicknesses come about as well. But it is now a well-known fact that some deaths are caused by contraindications or side-effects in the body by these medicines.

What we in the medical profession neglect is the fact that Nature herself has built man with the basic foundation for natural healing, My six (6) year-stint with ACM and Ultra Medix redirected my views with this basic fact, that the best way to achieve total health is through the natural way of healing.

In behalf of all the medical consultants of ACM and Ultra Medix, I take pleasure to welcome you to the Ultra Medix family. Together let us work in the attainment of our quest for total health, long life and eternal youth and in achieving financial freedom not only here in the Philippines but worldwide.

Dr. Denise Dela Cerna, M.D. Achievements
Doctor of Medicine and Surgery
B.S. in Chemistry
B.S. in Nursing
Master in Hydrotherapy, Seoul Korea
Former DOH Health Officer
Trained in iridology, orthomolecular medicine and naturopathy under the mentorship of Dr. Ronald Hoffman clinic. New York, USA
Trained in colon hydrotherapy at Dotolo Institute, Florida USA
Pioneer in Alternative Medicine in the Philippines since 1990
Founding Director and Member of Philippine College of Alternative Medicine (PCAM)

God is the ultimate source of life. He made the herbs for the healing of the nations. The body can heal itself, if homeostasis is maintained and the necessary basic needs such as oxygen, water and food are supplied. However, these basic needs are adulterated with pollutants and toxins. Instead of sustaining and prolonging life, they hasten its destruction, thereby shortening life and ending it that soon. But through the complete detoxification program of ULTRA PI GLOBAL and ULTRA MEDIX, Inc., health is restored and peace and happiness are attained.

The Ultra Medix family is united to attain our mission and vision, A synergy of wellness and wealth!

We urge all those who love life to join us in this endeavor! Welcome!

Dr.Nely D. Esmade, M.D. Achievements
DOCTOR OF MEDICINE, MHAM College of Medicine Cebu City
M.A. LINGUISTICS University of San Carlos Cebu City
Ph. D. LINGUISTICS –University of South Florida Tampa, USA
Medical Trainings:
Makati Medical Center
Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center
Phil. Heart Center of Asia
Phil. General Hospital
Polymedic Hospital
Tokyo, Japan- Dermatology
New York, USA- Plastic Surgery

Food, food supplements and medicines taken into our body has to be broken down into tiny absorbable particles with the aid of enzymes and water undergoing various physical and chemical reactions to be assimilated into our body streams. Once these absorbable nutrients reach the cells, they have to pass through the very tiny pores of the cell membrane.

It is therefore very important to take into account the kind of medium that carries these nutrients (or the medicines for that mater) into the cells. The cells need to be fed well in order to achieve its body functions as well as the need to eliminate the waste matters, toxins and free radicals that accumulate inside the cell membrane.

I have not seen any other water in the market today that can maximize the above cellular function than Pi Water. Only Pi water is made up of tiny molecular clusters that readily passes through the cell membrane bringing in nutrients into the cells and flushing out waste materials out of the cells. Now, Pi water is greatly innovated by Ultra Pi Global, Inc. and UltraMedix, Inc. founder, Dr. Helen K. Lim, into DR. , the highest form of Pi Water.

It is, therefore, with great pleasure to welcome you all to UltraMedix, Inc. to help disseminate this great news about the medicinal effects of the highly oxygenated Dr. Pi Water.

Dr. Judith L. Mercado, M.D. Achievements
Manila Central University
Quirino Memorial Hospital
Gacula Medical Center
National Center for Mental Health
Infinity Philippines, Inc.
Extreme Technology, Inc.
Via Viente International
Han Phil Corporation
Monavie International Corporation

Medical Association research publication of advanced-functioning Pi Water (MRN-100)

Clinical Immunology Association
Inducement of human NK cell activation by PI water (MRN-100)
New Orleans, Louisiana, May 31 to June 8 1996

HIV AIDS Association
PI Water ( MRN 100) has in vitro anti-HIV activation, Palm Springs California, March 13-16 1997

88th American Cancer Society
Human Lymphocyte subset phenotypic analysis after PI water (MRN-100)
Administration, San Diego, California, April 12-16 1997

4th International Symposium on Preventive Oncology

NK Immunological improvement on cancer patients due to the iron compound MRN -100 obtained from divalent and trivalent ferrates. MRN-100 lowers glutathione in human head and neck Calu 27 cancer cell cloning, and enhances sensitivity against natural killer cell damage activity Nice, France, October 24 to 27, 1998
US Cancer Research Association

Suppression of tumor cell growth and odulation of cytokine production by Chalybeate MRN-100 Vail, Colorado, September 20 to 24, 2000
At the 4th WHO-Sponsored International Symposium on preventive Oncology held in Nice, France in 1998, a UCLA medical school (US) team created a sensation when it announced its findings on the advanced functions of Pi water, stating that it enhanced the anti-body activities of malignant tumors,and that higher therapeutic effects have resulted (destroying 90% of cancer cells). The patent for this technology is held by the U.S.

Fundamental functions are health promotion and safety assurance

1984 - Development of life Serve, a freshness-preserving pouch for domestic fisheries Development of Life Core, a water-quality enhancer (for plant rearing and water treatment)

1985 - Development of Pi Marine Fresh, a freshness preserving liquid flounder breeding.

1986 -Development of Life Clean, a domestic water activator development of Clean Schooner, a livestock drinking machine Development of Life Core, a water-quality enhancer for cultured fish and scallops

1987 - Development of Life Core, a water-quality enhancer for swimming pools(e.g. 1swimming school pools)

1989 - Development of commercial large-scale Life-Clean for restaurants and bread manufacturing and processing

1990 - Development of Bath-Fine, a water-quality enhancer for general domestic baths

1992 - Development of Jolie Peau, a Pi processed cosmetic Development of Pi-tonic, a hair growth agent

1993 - Development of Pi Resonance, a cleaner for the shower

1994 - Development of agricultural soil enhancing material for cultivation of low agricultural chemical-and non-chemical crops

1995 - Development of a soft drink for golfers

1997 - Development of health foods Pi Gold Royal/Pi Salt

1998 - Development of Pi Resonance (PRO), a cosmetic shower cleaner Development of Pi Salt Dental, a healthy toothpaste

1999 - Development of Aphyes, a Pi non-additive cosmetic Development of Pi-tamine S, a health food

2000 - Development of Aphyes Cosmetic Lotion, a Pi non-additive cosmetic

2001 - Development of well Aging, a health food Development of Elbios.

click the link: http://triplepi.com/


Dra. Edna S. Lao, M.D.

President, Philippine College for
Advancement in Medicine.
Diplomate, American College for
Advancement in Medicine( ACAM)
WRS, Paranaque City

Dr. Venancio De Jesus M.D.
Internal Medicine
Board of Director
Calamba Medical Center
WRS, Calamba Laguna

Dr. Leo Cruz, M.D.
Anesthesiology WRS, SBMA
Olongapo City

Dr. Uldarico S. Uriarte, M.D.
Philippine College of Integrative
Medicine and Homotoxicology
WRS, Butuan City

Dr. Manuel Destura, PhD
President, University of Eastern
Philippines, Samar
WRS, Samar
Dr. Conrado Vito, M.D.
Medical Consultant
ACM Healthy Living/UltraMedix
WRS, San Fernando,LA Union

Dr. Ferlina Comique, M.D.
WRS, Zamboanga

Dr. Carmencita Mondok, M.D.
General Medicine
City Health Officer, San Carlos City
WRS, San Carlos City, Pangasinan

Dr. Alan Ongjoco, M.D.
Regional WRS, Bicol Region
Legaspi City

Dr. Arturo Mendoza, M.D.
General Surgeon
Director, Gordpn Hospital
Olongapo City
WRS, Olongapo City

Dr. Benito Santos, M.D.
East Avenue Medical Center, Q.C.

Dr. Viray

click the link: http://triplepi.com/

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